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Help Needed: ADOPTION
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Neighborhood: Yedikule Animal Shelter
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Aşk 4

Age: Young

Gender: Female

Size: Small

Color: Black white and beige colors

Spayed?: Yes

Microchipped?: No

Current on Vaccines?: Unsure

Child Friendly?: Yes

Disabled/Injured?: Yes

Disability/Injury: Back leg problem

Aşk 1

Aşk ( which means Love in turkish ) is a beautiful and very shy female dog. She was brought to the shelter as a puppy. Due to the lack of mother’s milk, she developed a condition with calcium insufficiency, which resulted in her back legs problem. However, she is able to walk, there is no issue with that. But you should not expect her to run a marathon 🙂

Aşk is not adapting to the shelter’s life. She is a delicate and shy dog who doesn’t bark and get scared easily. Unfortunately, she is in a room with 5 other dogs; the noise and constant movement are unbearable for her, it’s an everyday stress.

Visitors never get to see Aşk, as she is in a restricted area. If they could see her, they would fall in love immediately. She is the favorite of the shelter’s workers already.

Ask is an extremely smart dog. When she looks at you, you can feel a human type of look. Very intense. In her big eyes, there is a lot of sadness and incomprehension. She doesn’t understand why nobody takes her home, why nobody loves her.

Because this is all that she needs. Someone kind enough, to take her out of this prison and bring her to a warm and loving home. She would be grateful for life.

Aşk 2
Aşk 3

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